Tuesday 17th Oct 2017

The proposed Amendment of Article 102(b)

PILAC in conjunction with NETPIL is organizing a public dialogue on the proposed amendment of article 102(b) under the theme: The proposed Amendment of Article 102(b) - Implications on constitutionalism and the rule of law in Uganda. The dialogue is scheduled for Tuesday 17th Oct 2017 at 2pm in Makerere University Main Hall. Attendance is one to the public.

23rd to 30th October, 2017

NetPil training

PIL Training 1 in 2nd ¼ly[DGF & ANON] 2nd Training Workshop
Pretoria Course Bursaries - (2)[ANON] Police Oversight and Accountability in Africa [11 - 15 Sep ]
Thematic Group meetings (18)[ANON]

  • Annual General Meeting 11 Aug
  • Land Mon 23rd Oct
  • Education Tue 24th Oct
  • Civil and Political Wed 25th Oct
  • Diabilty Thu 26th Oct
  • HealthFri 27th Oct
  • Labour Mon30th Oct

29th September, 2016

Media Training on Land Law & Land Rights Reporting

The Advocacy Team under the Land Evictions & Natural Resources working group has conducted a 'Media Training on Land Law & Land Rights Reporting' on Thursday 29th September 2016 (81participants - 68m, 13f). The object of the training was to create a platform to engage the media and equip them with the prerequisite knowledge on land law and land rights, as well as equip them with skills on reporting on land rights issues. The forum was used to interest the media personnel in the Land Evictions PIL case.

Friday 24th March, 2017

On Going Activities

Quarterly Thematic Group Meetings next week all at 1pm NETPIL Boardroom:

  • Civil & Political Rights Mon 27th Mar 2017
  • Right to Education Tue 28th Mar 2017
  • Labour Rights Mon 3rd April 2017
  • Disability Rights Tue 4th April 2017
  • Right to Education meeting to be communicated soon

25th November, 2016

Members' Skills Training Workshop (For All members)

A one day skills training workshop will be held on PIL Trial Advocacy on 25th November 2016. The Venue will be communicated soon.

17th October, 2016

Previous Activities

¼lyThematic Group meetings for each thematic group (12:30pm - 3:30pm) The members will meet under their thematic specific group the whole of next week. The venue will be HURIPEC Boardroom at School of Law Makerere University.

  • Civil & Political Rights Mon 17th
  • Right to Education Tue 18th
  • Labour Rights Wed 19th
  • Disability Rights Wed 19th
  • Land & Natural Thu 20th
  • Health Fri 21st